Webasto and and Konarka Technologies teaming up to use organic solar roofing on cars

By SolarCars | October 25, 2011

Solar Powered CarsKonarka Technologies developers of the innovative organic flexible solar films is working with Webasto, a leading supplier in the automotive industry to bring solar roofs to cars. The announcement was made during a trade fair centered on electric mobility in Munich.

Webasto produces roof systems for automobiles and is among the movers in providing innovative roofs for vehicles. The company has been doing functional solar roofs over the last two decades. With the growing demand for hybrid vehicles and eventually electric cars, the work of Webasto is becoming more important as they plan to integrate the solar panels from Konarka to their car roofing.

The goal of the collaboration is to make the solar panels more efficient so they will be suitable to be used on vehicles.

Organic solar cells are made of flexible, non-toxic, unbreakable, and recyclable materials. Today the efficiency of the organic solar cells are at 8.4% and holding weak light better compared with other available technologies. The solar cells can be printed to produce various widths and lengths for different applications.

The Power Plastic of Konarka is available in different colors and sizes giving end users the design freedom like integrating other applications and other technologies.

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