Universal Studios Turns to Green Carts

By SolarCars | December 30, 2008

Hollywood Studios Solar Powered Electric CartThe Universal Studios in Hollywood joins the move to be more earth friendly by planning to trade their 300 petrol powered vehicles for carts that run on solar power.

The carts will collect the energy from the sun’s rays via photovoltaic panels attached to its roof. The solar power will charge the battery that will run the cart. The collected energy from the panels will add around 4 to 7 miles to the range of the cart.

When the battery is fully charged, the golf cart will be able to take people 40 to 60 miles on average.

The manufacturers of the carts explained that the carts can be made legal in most parts of the United States where the speed limit is less than 35 mph or lower.

The Universal Studios are considering the Solar Electric Hybrid carts from Cruise Car Inc. for use in their 415 acre lot. The manufacturer produces around 50 variants of the carts.

Environmentalists and media experts commended the Universal Studios for its commitment and prompt action to be more earth friendly.

No deals have been signed yet but soon top caliber actresses and actors, executives, and staff will be roaming around the big sets using the solar charged and plug in vehicle. This will phase out the gasoline powered golf carts that have been on the service for several years.

This is not the first time Universal Studios took a step to be lighter on the carbon foot print. They were recently rewarded the Environmental Media Associations Green Seal Award as one of the most earth friendly amusement parks in the US.

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