SunPods based in California launches Plug-n-Play charging station for EVs

By Robinho | August 23, 2010

SunPods based in San Jose, California recently unveiled the world’s first EV charging station that depends on solar power. The factory built charging stion called SP-300 Plug n Go tips the scales at around 3,000 pounds and measures 10×20 feet. The EV charging station makes use of 12 solar panels for every module 2.4kW module.

The company started testing their product last year and officially launched the retail version of the charging station last month.

The SP-300 Plug n Go can charge two electric vehicles parked side by side and can also sell the excess energy it stores to utility companies.

EV charging station

Sunpods boasts that it is a pioneering product introduced to the market with potential consumers not having to source out different components to build a charging station.

With the growing interest for plug in hybrids and EVs, the company expects to provide consumers options when they are not home and without access to home-based chargers.

Sunpods is looking to market their EV charging stations to governments and retailers who want to focus on developing green transportation options in their communities.

The company is looking to produce about 5,000 units of the SP-300s per year. Each unit is expected to have sticker price of about $17,000.

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