Solar-powered tent keeps electric vehicles while parked

By SolarCars | March 7, 2013

v-tent-solar-charging-systemElectric vehicles and solar power go well together and a lot of owners of Evs also equip their houses with solar panels so they can charge their cars with electricity coming from a very eco-friendly source.

That is not always the case for every green car owner who charge up at home but it will be a great thing if your parking slot has a V-Tent.

The solar-powered tent is the concept of Hakan Gursu from Nobis, a Turkish design firm. The tent can protect your vehicle but at the same time charge your electric car. Looking at the picture, the tent looks odd but it comes with a lot of benefits.

One, the solar charging system keeps your electric vehicle truly a green vehicle. Remember if you park your vehicle out under the sun, your car’s interior will be very hot so the solar tent features some ventilation tubes underneath the solar panels. Aside from keeping your car under the shade, the tubes form a layer of insulation from the hot surface above. Another reflective layer adds to the protection of your vehicle.

The solar tent is also a good protection against theft since your vehicle will be within the framework of the tent that holds the solar panels above. The drawings show that the tent will require more space than your regular parking slot.

Drives will be able to access the charging system via their smartphone and make payment using a small stand that comes with the machine. There are light indicators to show if a solar tent is available, if the car is charged or if a vehicle is still charging.

The solar tent is still on the design stage but the concept is quite realistic. It looks very feasible especially in remote areas where you don’t have to pay 10 bars of gold for parking space.

If you own an electric car will you consider using a solar tent?

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