Modern Living: Of electric cars and solar panels

By SolarCars | October 19, 2012

solar-rooftopElectric cars are a lot cheaper to operate compared to gasoline cars. That is a fact that a lot of people will accept, but you also need to remember that when you plug something into that outlet, you need to pay for the electricity you use. Just like how the price of gas behaves, electricity is also on an upward trend. Eventually, charging your car will somehow burn a big hole in your pocket.

What about using solar panels installed on the roof of your house to charge your vehicles?

Fitting solar panels to your roof will not be a cheap investment but an recently released online tool by WattPeople aims to push for their packages of electric cars and solar panels. The deal will try to clearly show how solar panels and an EV can save you some money compared to using gasoline cars.

The app also offers an annual financial breakdown of the spending involve for getting an electric vehicle and setting up solar panels at home. It also details financial scenarios which you may face if you take out a loan including monthly payments, interest rates, and cost of installation. It also forecasts possible savings in the future.

The app was actually designed to help Wattpeople with their specialist loans, it has enough functionality to give you an idea if you are thinking of a bank loan to finance your solar panels and electric vehicle.

Based on testimonies, owners of electric cars save a lot once the initial cash out for the solar panels and car have been recouped. The prices of solar panels are dropping while gas prices and electricity rates are rising. It is a really great time to look into electric cars and solar panels.

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