Classic 2000GT by Toyota reborn as Solar EV [with video]

By SolarCars | January 27, 2012

During the recent Future Car Challenge in Britain, all praises were for the E Type Jaguar which was rid of the straight six powerplant and loaded with an electric motor running on lithium ion battery pack.

Now another beautiful classic, the 2000GT coupe of Japanese carmaker Toyota was reborn thru what is called the Crazy Car Project turning the the 1967 ride into a solar powered electric vehicle.

Like its Jaguar counterpart, the 2000GT’s engine bay was dissected to take out its 2.0L inline six engine and replace it with a 35 kWh battery pack of lithium ion powering a 161 bhp or 120kW electric motor that transfers all its power to the rear wheels.

To prevent the battery pack’s juices running out, the bonnet of a car now houses a really big solar panel while solar cells have also been integrated to the windscreen at the rear of the car.

The sound of the original GT2000 engine is sent to the cabin of the vehicle to keep as much possible that character of the car. It’s top speed goes up to around 200 kilometers per hour.

The cabin of the ride was also improved with the original instruments supplemented with the battery gauge, bio-fiber carpets, and a rear view mirror that also serves as your digital info screen.

The project was done by an auto fan club which has some engineers from Toyota itself. Did they get paid for the work, we do not know.

The Solar EV 2000GT was shocased during the Toyota Auto Salon which is the biggest show for customized cars.

You can enjoy a video of the 2000GT Solar EV below , see how the car runs and learn what the makers went thru in producing it:

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