Car in Malaysia made of cans, runs on battery and solar energy

By SolarCars | July 17, 2012

You read it right, a group of students in Sepang, Malaysia made a car out of tin cans. The team used about 400 tins cans to make a car that can accommodate one occupant.

The car was built by students of the University Putra Malaysia and is among the more than 100 eco-friendly automobiles that joined that Eco Marathon Asia sponsored by Shell. According to a member of the team, their car has been driven on the road and was able to cover 200 kilometers in just a liter of fuel.

Except for its engine, the green car was crafted from reusable items including the windscreen and the headlamps. The goal of the project is for the vehicle to go very far in just a liter of gas. The team from UKM made a concept car that is powered by a battery and a solar energy. It took them eight months to build and cost them RM40,000.

The car makes use of eight solar panels and can run for about 20 kilometers when the battery is fully charged and when the sunlight is really good.

The Eco-Marathon Asia has been running for three years and challenges high school and college students to design and actually build fuel efficient cars. Around a thousand teams from 18 countries joined the event this year.

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